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Baddish News (Slight Vent)
Hey guys, due to recent events in my household I'll be rarely on DeviantArt and on my laptop in general. Nothing too bad happened in my house. It's due to how bad my social anxiety is, my brother believes that I should be on my laptop less and my parents agreed to this. In all honesty I'll be on my laptop for 0-3 hours during the day which isn't enough time for me draw the things I want, so possible I would need to work on drawings during the night (heh,this is fine because I stay up anyways because of insomnia).
I'm also not too sure how much I'll be posting because I am being limited on how much I draw too,whether or not it's traditional or digital. This is another idea my brother came up with, because he thinks that if I'm drawing all the time then I'll become even more depressed and stressed over time, and mentioned that over the past 2 years that I didn't improve at all which makes drawing a waste of time for me to even do it. Like a manipulative person he is, he was able to make
:iconkingowlx:KingOwlx 1 7
Big Sis! by Diives Big Sis! :icondiives:Diives 718 48




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

"A scattered mind has more ways to approach a situation."

Welcome to my humble page. Please, feel free to browse!
MOST of my hobbies are artistic. I'm just here to have fun, improve my meager skills and make friends.




   Side Event 3 || Apprenticing

  • So many people with so many talents come to festivals like this one. Are you a water type who wants to be a fire breather? Have you ever wanted to juggle like a professional? Take the time to ask someone about it, and maybe they'll teach you the tricks of their trade! 
  • Draw your character learning from a professional performer, whatever they may be good at!
    • Prizes : 
    • +50 Sen

A collab with the crazy cool :iconwhimsi-pluff:
I felt like getting a little crazy here and GOD was shading weird but I think it looks OK. The Background was weird to figure out, too, but I actually think it looks good.

Whimsi-Pluff Owns Bonnie and did the Sketching/Lines
I own Rosetta and colored, added Background and did Shading/Effects.

For: :iconserakath-rebooting:
The Long Drago of Pride
A sort-of collab for the Summer Festival Event. I wanted to piece all the sections together so they're in one place for ease of access.

Rosetta: Head (Bicurious)
Luna: Body (Bisexual)
Jackie: Tail (Pansexual)

Each artist designed and colored their respective dragon sections. 
I added the little headshots beneath.

Jackie and his dragon are owned by: starliings
Luna and her dragon are owned by: CloudzChow
Rosetta and her dragon are owned by me.

For :iconserakath-rebooting:
Sherk Wanted a Butt-load of Fireflies. I Complied.

  Side Event 2|| Firefly catching

  • The decorations won't be complete without firefly lanterns! We ask that players catch fireflies in whatever container suits them best, though we suggest it be able to fit on a table! These will be displayed all over the festival area, especially at the tables where people can relax and enjoy themselves, maybe even meet up with friends! 
  • Draw your character catching fireflies! This can be repeated! 
    • Prizes : 
    • + 5 EXP and 20 Sen per entry

A collab with the wonderful :iconlikeazubat:
They own Vito/Anthem, Did the lines and the background. 
I own Rosetta, colored and shaded.

Rosetta Kimono
If the Kimono itself were to have a name, it'd be "Dragon Queen of the Fairies"

I may or may not have had a little too much playing around with Photoshop making this thing. Oh well, I think it doesn't look too bad.

For :iconserakath-rebooting:
Red Sketch dump
I realized I haven't drawn Red yet so I decided to draw Red. Then this happened.

For :iconserakath-rebooting:
Welp, apparently I've had this account for six months now and DA considers it an anniversary worth acknowledging. So, I guess this may be a start of Journal things. Every anniversary from now on (Probably yearly) I'll make a journal talking about a it, looking at my statistics and maybe doing something special. So, as of May 11th, 2017, I have:

Watchers: 45
Deviations: 100
OCs: 7

My Favorite Piece in my Gallery is:
A Monster's Touch by LemCrossview
There's just a lot of nostalgia around this drawing and it's one of the first I could actually say I'm proud of, so it gets a little celebratory feature!

This is all very spur of the moment so I have no clue what I'm doing, but I like the concept so there's that. I'll probably figure out more statistics next time and maybe add some special things or set some kind of goal.

Actually, a goal sounds like a decent idea.

Let's start simple, shall we? I'd like to improve as much as possible by my first year anniversary (Probably do a "Draw This Again" meme) so I can look back and say, "Wow. I Really sucked back then".

Let me know your thoughts about this idea. Do you like it? Should I make more "Anniversary" Journals? What kinds of things would be cool goals or celebration ideas? Do you have any ideas for what I could do to celebrate this anniversary? Leave a comment below!
  • Listening to: Various Guitar Songs
  • Reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke
  • Eating: Nothing. I just brushed my teeth
  • Drinking: Water


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